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The Fitzwilliam Museum Podcasts

Oct 23, 2020

In My Mind’s Eye is a new podcast series, which grew out of our national lockdown earlier in 2020. We invited 5 artists and writers, who had previously worked with us at the Fitzwilliam Museum, to think about what happens when we can no longer access artworks directly. How do these art works continue to exist, in our memories and imaginations? How do they influence the art we ourselves might make?
Ali Smith, Halima Cassell, Issam Kourbaj, Jackie Kay and Matt Smith took up the challenge and shared with us the artworks that they carried with them from the Fitz in their mind’s eye. In each podcast we learn about different experiences of lockdown in recordings which had to be done remotely to comply with Covid-19 regulations. We gain insight into creativity in isolation as we learn about the ideas and process behind their creative responses to the remembered artworks, which were the starting point for inspiration. The conversations with the artists and writers, and their recollections, share memories from the Scottish highlands to Pakistan. We find out about soap production in Aleppo, and how a 19th century drawing can be seen in the context of Black Lives Matter. As we approach a winter of growing restriction caused by the resurgence of Covid-19, we invite you to listen to In My Mind’s Eye: the museum explored.

The series was produced and presented by Carmen Pryce, with audio production by Nick Harris and was made possible by the support of the Belvedere Trust.